The Long Road of Netheril

Silent Night
Horrid Night

After moving along the caravan road in an attempt to head off attempts to track them down by Loudwater’s town guard, the party stops at a small village named Kaya west of Zelbross that forms a midway point between the cities since the fall of Zelbross. The town had a simple palisade wall forming the perimeter as a measure of defense against the now defunct Zelbross Bandits.

Passing the gate there appeared to be some sort of altercation going on involving a horse that looks as through it had its neck broken by a wagon. The town showed signs of being largely agricultural, with a dense swamp to the north being drained to provide irrigation to crops south of the town. There were three Inns, the most reputable of which the party settled into for the evening to avoid getting into altercations. The party apart from Murph and Wyatt settled into their rooms while Murph drank himself in a stupor, joining the horrifying atmosphere of utter incomprehensibility. In this atmosphere, Wyatt helped himself to the purses of the many MANY drunks. Aaron found that the merchants from a caravan stopped in the village were also in the inn, but the guards and drivers were in the other inns.

As the party began resting, Wyatt in the front room trancing noticed a dense fog moving over the town rolling in from the north. A short while after the fog had settled, a piercing scream rang out through the night. Aaron awoke and after opening his window climbed out into the street to find the disturbance. Trotting through the street was a horse, chewing on something. Upon closer inspection he found it was chewing on a chunk of flesh-a throat maybe-with blood dripping from its mouth. As he watched in shock, it turned its head towards him and he realizes it was the dead horse by the gate earlier that evening.

The Barrow of the Ogre King
The first adventure

Jarik and Reed Thornbrooke were passing through the town of Loudwater on their way to find someone who could help relieve Reed’s insanity, while Thurin and Gearbox were traveling from the City of Shade to Waterdeep.

Mid-afternoon, a portion of Loudwater’s southern wall of Loudwater blew inward as a Goblin raiding party attempted to ransack Garwan’s Curiosities. The four fought alongside each other, and barely managed to slay the goblins before they escaped into the forest.

Garwan, out of thanks for saving the goods of his store gave to Jarik a dagger made out of a long horn. It was called the “Horn Totem” by Garwan, who also mentioned he bought it off of a Wizard named Curuvar who was staying in town.

While Garwan was talking to them, the captain of the local patrol approached them with a satchel that the Goblin Hexer had worn slung over his shoulder. Inside was some writing in goblin ordering the war party to steal the horn totem from Garwan so that the “Ogre King” could be revived and rule the land once more. It was signed “High Shaman Sancossug.”

Deciding to find out more about the situation, they found the wizard Curuvar in the tavern. In response to their questions he was canny and merely told them he’d deal with the Party if they brought back a skull matching the horn from the Barrow of the Ogre King.

Upon this, they departed for the Barrow of the Ogre King. After a series of battles, they made it to the bottom of a spiraling chamber at the bottom of which stood the Shaman, Sancossug. After failing to negotiate with the Party, he attacked and during the course of the fight struck down Jarik. As Gearbox and Thurin backed him into a corner, however, Jarik managed to bring himself back from the brink of death, and plunge his dagger deep into the Shaman’s kidney twisting viciously resulting in Sancossug’s immediate death.


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